Foszia Turner-Stylianou is the founder of TranceFormingSelf and is a certified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Therapist of 5 years’ standing. She is based in Surbiton.

Her practice benefits deeply from 35 years of having worked in the field of personal development and empowerment and from the additional training she has undertaken in Systemic Counselling (with Kensington Consultation Centre), Astrology, Reiki, Shamanism (with Sandra Ingerman and Lesley Kenton) and Bio-energetic Synchronisation Technique (with Douglas Diehl DC)

Foszia is a firm believer in keeping herself up to date with current developments and trainings in the mind-body field and she is therefore able to offer her clients a wide-range of therapeutic tools to promote their effective recovery. Her practice covers the full spectrum of self –validation and integration work. In working with clients on all aspects affecting their self worth and self confidence, her focus is on assisting them to liberate themselves from their fears and imposed limitations so that they can regain their powerful belief in themselves.

Academic and Professional Qualifications and Specialisms:
Foszia has a postgraduate honours degree in Philosophy and a Masters coursework in Applied Social Sciences. She has received a postgraduate diploma in Systemic Management from the Roehampton Institute.

She holds the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, the Diploma in Advanced Past Life Regression and the Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy, all with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London.

She has taken specialist training in:
• HypnoBirthing with Marie Mongan (;
• Hypnofertility with Linsi Eastburn (;
• OCD and Anxiety Disorders with Devan Hastings(;
• Somatoform Illness (Tinnitus, Chronic Fatigue, Fybromyalgia and Environmental Illness) with Kevin Hogan (;
• Advanced Theta Healing with Asara Lovejoy (;
• Advanced Emotrance/EFT with Sylvia Hartmann (;

She is registered with the GHR and is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA and the APHP in the UK.