is one of the most effective therapeutic modalities available to us in enabling us to effect the changes we seek. It is the only through the use of hypnosis that the therapist is able to access the belief system built up in childhood that when in conflict with our mature conscious choices totally sabotages our actions. Every time our systems are emotionally overloaded, we spontaneously regress to an earlier less competent and therefore less secure state. With Hypnotherapy, we are able to pinpoint those fragile areas in our psyche and safely regress back to that earlier state in order to build up our range of competences so that no matter what emotional storms rage across our inner landscape we find within us the resources we need to deal effectively with the fallout. Hypnosis is the only therapeutic tool that goes directly to the power source of our psychological world: our unconscious mind. While the conscious level of the mind is the more accessible (and hence the part most frequently addressed by talking therapies), it is also the less effective in maintaining desired changes. Changing the way we think and see ourselves and the world around us “is accomplished most effectively and permanently when the therapist focuses on influencing [the clients’] unconscious patterns which frequently include [their] values and frames of reference” [Sydney Rosen].