Energy Therapies

We are wired to process emotions. Watch any baby or infant. They let us know clearly when they are happy and when they are upset. When they are happy, they are fully happy. And when they are upset or hurt, they are completely at one with their feelings. There are no half measures. And then once their feelings have been acknowledged, they completely let go. (And until they are acknowledged, they persist!) They have not yet been socialised into modifying and hence holding on to those aspects of their emotions that are not socially acceptable.

And yet as babies and infants, the strength of our emotions can scare us. We look to the adults around us for guidance on how to deal with the fullness of our feelings and for the vast majority of young ones there is little or no guidance just containment and repression. If the child in unnerved by explosive emotions, the adults are completely fazed.

To allow ourselves to fully express the strength of our feelings does not mean that we become social misfits. It means we are allowing ourselves to acknowledge and have acknowledged by the significant others in our lives, the impact on us of certain actions or events. And with this acknowledgement comes the opportunity to access the resources within that enable us to become emotionally ept.

Energy therapies, by helping us to process our strong emotions, teach us how to grow into our emotional adulthood.